In order to make things Official, you're going to need an Officiant.

In order to make things Official,
you're going to need an Officiant.



Why you need a Professional Officiant
for your Wedding Ceremony?

There are a number of advantages to hiring a professional Officiant.
Your Officiant is going to take you across the threshold from being engaged to being married.
As your Celebrant in Europe, I can bring the necessary knowledge, experience and skill to create a full personalized ceremony and deliver it with poise and grace.
Whether it is an elopement, a wedding or a vow renewal, I can officiate your ceremony in English, Spanish, French or Italian.
I’m used to travel wherever you need me to:

  • Hold the most meaningful ceremony for your special day
  • Assist you with the bureaucratic documentation
  • Celebrate love just as you always imagined it

Destination Wedding Officiant


Every Love Story is unique and so should be your Wedding Ceremony

Every Love Story is unique and
so should be your Wedding Ceremony

  • Get ready for a heartfelt and touching ceremony for your elopement. An elopement is a very intimate wedding focused on who you are as a couple and can be celebrated in any place, as long as it has significance for both of you. An elopement is designed to be whatever the couple wants it to be. Your elopement ceremony should be intimate, bespoke, and certainly unforgettable.

  • Being on the same page with your wedding officiant is crucial to the authenticity and to your level of comfort with the ceremony. This is the reason why your wedding ceremony should be edited according to your needs: you will need to organize the speeches of your guests, choose the ideal ritual and define the timing of the whole wedding ceremony.

  • Vow renewals are a heartfelt way to celebrate your love and reaffirm the promises you made to each other on your wedding day. If you are thinking about having a vow renewal ceremony, you should know that a celebration of your marriage can be planned easily and confidently with a little guidance from an expert officiant.

    My Services

    Whether it is an elopement, a wedding or a vow renewal, I follow my couples step by step in the most beautiful journey of their lives, offering a full consulting service and editing
    the ceremony they will remember forever.


    An elopement is a beautiful and intimate way to express your commitment and to retrace your love story, simple and with no fuss.
    My mission is to create a bespoke ceremony that will represent you 100%.
    Every detail will be planned to celebrate your love in the best way possible.
    Part of my job is helping you choose the perfect venue for your elopement ceremony and share with you my personal list of suppliers for each service needed in every destination of Europe.


    Whether you want it to be traditional, modern or special-themed, enjoy a heartfelt celebration of your wedding with a ceremony that truly reflects your love and who you are.
    If it’s the combination of two different languages or the fusion of two different cultures, I can celebrate your wedding in the most inclusive and meaningful way, with a ceremony in multiple languages.


    Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and getting married is a beautiful thing, but what happens after is what's most important.
    For this reason, you may want to relive your wedding day and renew your vows and commitment to each other with a vow renewal ceremony.
    If you want to celebrate your love and journey as a married couple, I'll walk you through what it means to renew your vows, how to prepare, and how your renewal ceremony can reflect your unique love story.


    The Planning Consulting service is for couples who aren’t looking to hire a planner for their elopement or wedding but want some guidance and assistance from a wedding expert.
    If you don’t need to book a planning service, you may pay for a consulting video call where to get recommendations for when and where to get married (from the weather/time of year to what kind of permits you may need). Or you may need assistance with creating your wedding day timeline.
    A professional guidance is always the best solution to save some money but still make sure everything goes well on your wedding day.

    For couples seeking a Memorable Ceremony in Europe